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Steps for usage

Notice before usage

  1. For brand new MPH, please remove all transparent protecting film carefully. 

  2. For use with ease, always put the T buckle in the front position. (Please refer to Mode B/C instruction)

  3. The strap could be wrapped around MPH and you probably don't need additional bag to retain it. Always put it in your bag and you could apply MPH at anytime and anywhere. Please refer to our official site for more information.

  4. For update information, please go to:


  1. Tighten knob on ballhead.

  2. Put ballhead on MPH.

  3. Install camera on ball head.

  4. Set angle as indicated.

  5. Set self-timer and press the shutter!



  1. Tighten the ballhead.

  2. Put the ballhead on MPH.

  3. Put the T-BUCKLE near the MPH BODY. (Important!)

  4. Release ballhead and put on the camera.

  5. Place the MPH and adjust the location.

  6. Pass HOOK BUCKLE through MPH BODY, wrap around on rail and put back through T-BUCKLE.

  7. Wrap the rest of the strap on cylinder and tighten it.

  8. Hold the HOOK BACKLE on the rail with hand and you could take a few secounds exposure shot.

  1. Tighten the ballhead.

  2. Put the ballhead on MPH.

  3. Put the T-BUCKLE near the MPH BODY. (Important!)

  4. Place the MPH on rail.

  5. HOOK BUCKLE through the MPH BODY around the rail, then through the T-BUCKLE.

  6. Put your bag or heavy objects on the HOOK BUCKLE.

  7. Release ballhead and put on the camera.

  8. Set the angle, set self timer to 2 secounds or more.


Tips: Mount mPH nearby a vertical rail enhance the stability.

Tutorial video for Mode C and Mode B

Usage of mode C

Usage of mode B

Method of use and extra tips

You might wonder that is it stable to use on rail or it would be affected by camera shake or not. I could give u some tips, If you are using mode B and C, you could mount mPH on horizontal rail nearby a vertical rail. It could enhance the stability.

Preparation and Cleaning

Every time before using it:

  • Please check the integrity of mini Plaster Hand.

  • Wipe the dust gently with wet tissue.

If the rail does not have a smooth surface, or with lots of dust on it, clean the rail first, to make sure the“Hand”attaching it steadily and safely. ​

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