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MPH update news!

Hello, we are going to give you updates again!

We are now sending parts to post processing. For your information, the duration for processing magnesium alloy would be much longer than other materials. But we have been told that the process will be finished on 27 Sep 2016. The parts will send to further process and packaging, while each process might take a week respectively. The final product will then be distributed to all of you and it might take around two weeks to complete the process.

We expected all process by manufacturer could follow the schedule, while we do our best to eliminate any deviation as far as possible. And we promise you that we will keep you update. Thank you very much for your patient.

We are too busy to catch up the schedule and make everything smooth. We are also feeling kinda embarrassed that we have not keep you update on our website. But we could not be more than happy to tell you that we have use magnesium alloy instead of aluminum alloy for metal parts. Although it is far more expensive and higher requirement for manufacturing process than aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy is one of the best materials we could ever find with the benefit of durability and weight.

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