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MPH latest sample pictures

Good news!

Please take a look to our latest sample pictures!

Following aforesaid schedule, the factory has informed us that the mini Plaster Hand is ready for packaging and would be delivered in mid-November. We have urged to speed up the process, but our braganing power to respective factories is not strong enough due to limited amount of production quantity. We have paid all our effort to keep everything follow the agreed schedule and we are now approaching the finishing line!

Moreover, as you could see in pictures, the quality the mini Plaster Hand is at least 200% better than our design in the very first beginning. We look seriously into every details and pursue the perfectionand excellence, and even rejecting quality with a 0.5mm edge deviation for instance. We hope you enjoy our product in every aspect!

miniorenji is very excited to the launch of the mini Plaster Hand and we hope you think so too! We made the mini Plaster Hand with you and we just can't wait for one more second to witness the born of our baby!

Here's come our favourite moment: Are you ready?

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