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Count down to our shipment date!!!!!!

We are painfully yet excitingly waiting the born of our baby. Indeed, we have encountered a vast amount of issues during our design and engineering processes, and we could now proudly announce it has come to an end!

Million thanks to all miniorenji supporter! Frankly, we could not actualize our idea and create this product without your support! And you, as the first batch of user in the universe, are highly appreciated for rendering support and encouragement to us during our difficult time. We would also take this opportunities to thanks all friends and experts for providing us valuable feedback and reviewing our products.

The mini Plaster Hand is scheduled to deliver to Hong Kong on tomorrow. As we have recently received enormous number of emails, we apologize that we could not handle all of them at a short period of time. If you have any urgent matter that would like us to handle with priority, please let us know.

We are now considering to set up a "mini Plaster Hand Group" in flickr for all of you sharing your masterpieces and experience on using MPH. And we are also welcome you to send us an email or private message to give us an encouragement or just want to make a friend with us, Again and again, thank you very much for the support. Hope we could continue our research and create more and more innovative products, which purely made in Hong Kong, for you and us! Please goto www. for more information and updates.

P.S. Due to complex shipment arrangement details, we would send out the product without a very clever algorithm and methods. We could just make sure you will receive our product asap. Please be patient and accept the inconvenience caused. Thanks!

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