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Biggest secret for X'mas!

Biggest secret for X'mas!

Sh......We secretly tell you that we will launch our X'mas Super Plan. The package will include a mini Plaster hand, 1.2kg ball head, gopro adapter, smartphone adapter and with our warmest blessing! X'mas is for sharing and surprise. Buy one for your friend, or recommend to your friend and enjoy a happy shooting x'mas.

Just nearly forget to tell you it is a time limited and quantity limited offer. You could make an order in our official site at or on…/revolutionary-super…/x/12826700…

P.S. We could not guarantee it could be reached to you if you order it too late. Act fast!

Adapters could be bought seperately or combined with mini Plaster Hand in a single order. If you make an order with over USD$75 and use our coupon code "MerryXmas", you will get 10% off.

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