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MPH - Want to touch and try?

Long time no see!

Some of our products are out of stock and most of the plans on indiegogo are finally finished their historical mission. Thank you very much for the support!

And this is, of course, not the end of the story. With our new design and improvement on stability, a new batch of our popular item - 3kg ball head - is currently undergoing mass production. Please be patient and new plans of MPH will be available soon on indiegogo and

Thanks to our partner stores. If you want to touch and try, the MPH could be found in "ENJOYYOURCAMERA Store" in Germany ( and will be available in the BACKERSTORES in Hong Kong ( We hope more photography lovers and photographers in the world could enjoy the beauty and convenience of MPH.

When we look back to our story, the mini Plaster Hand would have never come to the world without your support. Again and again, thank you very much to our supporters and backers!

Love you all!

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